Tablazo Mountain


Altitude 3.300 m.a.s.l.
Temperature 10 - 15 ºC
Duration 1 day
Difficulty Intermediate
Cost $50.000

Tablazo Hill is located between the towns of San Francisco and Subachoque and its maximum altitude is 3,500 meters. In the are you can find “fraylejones” fields, grasslands, ponds and village roads . It is a natural barrier that stops moisture from the hot land and is being converted into a dense fog that gives a mysterious character to the place. The high Andean forest allows to appreciate many orchids, quiches, mosses and numerous species of birds.

To get to Tablazo we head out of Bogotá via Calle 80 towards the small town of Subachoque. In the area are several roads leading to different villages such as San Francisco, La Prairie , Supatá and Fred. Distance from Bogotá: 60 Km.

The cost of the hike includes transportation and guidance. Each person must bring lunch and hydration. The hiker should be prepared for weather changes. 


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