Hill of Quininí


Altitude 2.130 m.a.s.l.
Temperature 10 - 20 ºC
Duration 1 day
Difficulty Intermediate
Cost $55.000

The Hill of Quininí (Mountain of the Moon) is a solid mountainous massif with a sharp summit overlooking the valley of Magdalena River and the gorge of Sumapaz River.

The ascent to the hill starts from the local villages Tibacuy and/or Cumaca as an ancient trail in the middle of mountain forest. This region corresponds to the former territory of the Panches – a local indigenous civilization whose remains are found in the pictographs scattered around the area. The summit seems to tear the sky and the ascent to the top of the hill is overwhelming.

The cost includes the transportation and the guidance. Every traveler should bring his own lunch and snacks.

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